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An unplanned trip, NZ#2. Driving to Tongariro NP.

Someone says; getting lost is one good way to travel. I may add; unplanned trip is a great way to explore unknown places especially your soul.

I must ashamedly admit that I knew nothing about North Island, New Zealand. I knew for sure about a week before I flew that I couldn't reach my friend, yet I was very busy and didn't have time to get to know the place. One place that I hung onto was a volcano that just erupted on November 2012, the one that was on the plan my friend told me...... Yes that was all I remember. :)

I googled and got the name; Mount Tongariro, and that is where I started my unplanned trip.
A night before I flew, google assured that Tongariro is an excellent place for me to visit as a hiker.

"The most famous walks in the park are the Tongariro Alpine Crossing, renowned as one of the best one day walks in New Zealand, if not the world"

"The world famous Tongariro Alpine Crossing track is an awesome one day adventure, taking you across spectacular and unique volcanic terrain."

Check more information here; Department of Conservation

After the only plan in New Zealand, my friend's wedding at Tauronga, I had nothing booked for the rest of my trip.
I rang to hire car and was lucky enough to get one as I booked couple hours before leaving and it fell on long weekend in New Zealand too. Since it was hire car from local company, (all the big companies were fully booked :( ) I had to return back in Tauronga, despite I thought I would drop car in Auckland.
After I got car, I booked accommodation and google gave me the crossing backpackers where offers great package for me, Summer Crossing Package. The package includes 2 nights accommodation in your chosen room type and round-trip transport each for the Tongariro Alpine Crossing.

Now, off I went, driving to Tongarito National Park.





I enjoyed my first solo road trip so much. I stopped along the way for photography as much as I can, until my car started acting funny!
It worked perfectly until I had a lookout break. I drove off and found that my automatic car couldn't run faster than 60 km/h
It seemed like gear didn't work!?!?!?

Being in the middle of National Park, and I was sure if there was any mobile reception around there, since I didn't have NZ sim card with me!!!
Then I just did the only thing I could, drove carefully with 60 km/h to my shelter that night.

I arrived backpacker safely to find that there was no telephone to call the car company :( Anyway, I was pretty carefree about the care, but more excited for the big hike next day! So what I did that night was emailing company, packing lunch for the hike and had a good night sleep. :)

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An unplanned trip, NZ, the most exciting journal in my life1

Someone says; getting lost is one good way to travel. I may add; unplanned trip is a great way to explore unknown places especially your soul.


This trip was actually a side track trip from my friends' wedding in Tauranga.

I ended up did 3 days solo road trip with no plan.

It started when my friends had asked me to be their wedding photographer.

Wedding photography is not what I ever want to do, it's freaking hard, and yet I don't do portrait! But for opportunity to travel, I said YES. :)

Apart from plane tickets that my friend bought for me, I didn't have plan for the rest of my trip. I was about to catch up with a friend over there, so I let him organise the trip. Unfortunately I couldn't contact him when the time came!!!! So, basically, I travelled with no plan, nothing booked, yet I knew nothing about North Island!

Since I will attach lots of photos, I will divide this trip into parts.
And the journey with photos will start from the next part at Tongariro National Park.


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